China Driving Theory Test - 10 Questions

When approaching an intersection with a stop sign, but no stop line, sidewalk or crosswalk, you should:
What device does the switch with this symbol (as illustrated) control? 
When a motorized vehicle has a problem on the road and needs to stop and solve it, what should the driver do?
What is the main reason for the two cars rear-end collision? 
The motorized vehicle driver is not allowed to drive a motorized vehicle while his driving license is detained according to law. 
What does the yellow marking on the road mean? 
What is the minimum speed for driving in this lane? 
When the green light at a congested intersection is on, what can the vehicles do? 
A vehicle is prohibited from overtaking in which of the following sections? 
When a vehicle has to stop on an expressway due to a vehicle trouble, the driver should place a breakdown warning sign at least how many meters behind the vehicle? 
China Driving Theory Test - 10 Questions
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