China Driving Theory Test - 25 Questions

When a vehicle has to stop on an expressway due to a vehicle trouble, the driver should place a breakdown warning sign at least how many meters behind the vehicle? 
When driving in a rainstorm and the windscreen wiper cannot totally wipe off the rain water, what should the driver do?
What does this sign mean?
What does this meter mean?
What does this sign mean
When reversing on an ordinary road and discovering some vehicles are passing, what should the driver do?
When driving at night, the drivers observation ability is visibly poorer and his visibility range becomes shorter than driving in the daytime
When a motorized vehicle breaks down on the road and cannot be moved, the driver should first turn on the hazard warning flash lights and _________________.
What is the meaning of the solid yellow line on the curbstone? 
This meter shows the current temperature of the coolant is 90 degrees. 
What does this sign mean?
When a vehicle passes a bumped road, what should the driver do?
What does this sign mean? 
When driving on a long downhill road, in addition to the brake what is another way to control speed?
Drivers must drive a vehicle according to the permission stated in their driving license. 
When following a vehicle on the road, the distance from the vehicle in front is not important. As long as the driver goes forward at the same speed as the vehicle in front does, he can avoid rear-end collision.
When a small motor vehicle goes downhill it is allowed to stop the engine and slide
What does this sign mean?
Before a vehicle enters a curve of a mountain road, if there is no vehicle coming in the opposite direction, what should the driver do? 
What does this sign mean? 
When the head fog light is switched on, the light in the picture is lit. 
A driver who escapes after causing a traffic accident which has caused death is subject to a prison term of how many years? 
When reaching an intersection, what should the driver do if a turning vehicle cuts in? 
When driving in which of the following cases cannot the driver overtake the vehicle in front. 
A front tire blowout is very dangerous. The vehicle will immediately turn to the side where the tire is blown out and have a direct impact on the drivers control of the steering wheel
China Driving Theory Test - 25 Questions
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