China Driving Theory Test - 25 Questions

What is this control device?
What does this sign mean? 
When a motor vehicle applies emergency braking, the ABS system provides maximum braking force and at the same time enables the front wheels to maintain steering. 
The traffic police may detain a vehicle according to law when it is suspected of using the label of inspection of another vehicle. 
Drunk driving motor vehicles will be subject to what penalty?
In this situation the vehicle going uphill should allow the vehicle going downhill to go first. 
What does this sign mean?
If a motorized vehicle driver has falsified or altered the driving license this constitutes a crime and he should be held for criminal liabilities
When driving a motor vehicle in this situation you can turn right. 
A vehicle is prohibited from overtaking in which of the following sections?
Vehicles must be completely stopped before opening the car door and letting passengers on and off. 
If the penalty points of a motorized vehicle driver fail to reach 12 points in one scoring cycle but the fines have not been paid up, the points will move to the next scoring cycle
After the green light at an intersection is on, the vehicles may not yield if non-motorized vehicles cut in.
If a motorized vehicle driver who drives after drinking alcohol the punishment is 12 penalty points. 
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
When backing up, you should:
When overtaking on a mountain road, how should the vehicle overtake? 
If a vehicle license is lost or missing the vehicle owner should apply to the issuing vehicle management station for a reissue or replacement
What is main impact of rainy weather on safe driving?
What do the white solid lines on both sides of the border of the carriageway mean? 
What does this sign mean?
This motor vehicle parked at the roadside is not an illegal act. 
When driving slowly in a congested road, what should the driver do if another vehicle forcefully jumps the queue?
What happens to the range of visibility at night when the drivers observation is markedly poorer than in the daytime?
China Driving Theory Test - 25 Questions
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