China Driving Theory Test - 50 Questions

What does this sign mean? 
A person who drives after drinking alcohol and causes a major traffic accident should be held for criminal liabilities according to law is not allowed to apply for a motorized vehicle driving license.
When approaching an intersection with a stop sign, but no stop line, sidewalk or crosswalk, you should:
What is the main impact of the road conditions in icy and snowy weather? 
What does the yellow marking on the road mean? 
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
When driving a motor vehicle at an intersection that has no traffic signals it must pass through as fast as possible. 
What does this sign mean?
When bicycles ahead obstruct the traffic flow, the driver may honk to remind them, speed up and bypass. 
When a motorized vehicle breaks down on the expressway what is the wrong measure? 
What is the meaning of the central yellow broken and solid lines? 
If a traffic accident has caused human injury, you must preserve the scene and immediately report to the police. 
A driver with a destroyed driving license cannot drive a motor vehicle. 
This meter shows the current temperature of the coolant is 90 degrees. 
A vehicle may stop on the ramp of an expressway.
What does this sign mean? 
At an intersection when traffic lights contradict traffic police, you should pass according to the traffic lights
What device does the switch with this symbol (as illustrated) control? 
When a vehicle goes downhill, it may fully use the neutral gear and slide
When reversing on an ordinary road and discovering some vehicles are passing, what should the driver do?
What does this sign mean?
If a driver drives a motorized vehicle on the road, which has reached the write-off standard, the driver is subject to the stipulated fine and what else?
When a motorized vehicle causes a road accident involving property damage, if the party leave the scene on his own but does not leave, the traffic police are not allowed to order the party to leave the scene. 
What does this sign mean?
What is the meaning of the broken diamond line markings on the road? 
When encountering such a situation at an intersection, which of the following is correct? 
When the driver senses a tire blowout on the road, he should control the direction of the vehicle, gently depress the brake pedal to slowly reduce the speed and gradually park the vehicle steadily on the roadside
What does this sign mean?
When the green light at a congested intersection is on, what can the vehicles do? 
What is this traffic police hand signal?
What do the white solid lines on both sides of the border of the carriageway mean? 
What does this sign mean? 
On a road covered by ice and snow a vehicle equipped with ABS system maximizes the shortness of the braking distance. 
When encountering a vehicle in the opposite direction forcing its way by using his lane, what should the driver do? 
For which of the following violations is the driver punished by a 12 point penalty? 
What does this sign mean? 
A driver who drives a motorized vehicle but fails to obtain a driving license has a legal liability. 
When following a vehicle on the road, the distance from the vehicle in front is not important. As long as the driver goes forward at the same speed as the vehicle in front does, he can avoid rear-end collision.
Traffic lights comprises red, green and yellow lights
What marking are the yellow broken line markings circled in the picture? 
When driving at a level crossing, bridge, steep slope, tunnel or going through a dangerous road section, U turn is prohibited. 
The traffic police may detain a vehicle according to law when a traffic accident has occurred and they need to collect evidence
What does this sign mean? 
If a motorized vehicle driver whose penalty scores have reached 12 points refuses to participate in the study and test it will be announced that his driving license should no longer be used
When the ignition switch is in the LOCK position removing the key will lock the steering wheel.
What does this sign mean?
The minimum speed for driving a small passenger vehicle on an expressway is 90 km/hour. 
When driving a vehicle through an inundated road with pedestrians on both sides, what should the driver do?
When police officers are directing traffic, which of the following is most correct?
China Driving Theory Test - 50 Questions
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