China Driving Theory Test - 50 Questions

What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean? 
How long is the cycle for recording the accumulated penalty points for violating road traffic safety regulations? 
What is the meaning of the yellow broken line on the curbstone? 
Tailgating means:
What is the violation of this motor vehicle that has stopped temporarily at the roadside? 
A front tire blowout is very dangerous. The vehicle will immediately turn to the side where the tire is blown out and have a direct impact on the drivers control of the steering wheel
A driver who escapes after causing a traffic accident which has caused death is subject to a prison term of how many years? 
What does this sign mean? 
When a vehicle goes downhill, it may fully use the neutral gear and slide
When a vehicle passes a bumped road, what should the driver do?
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
The driver may drive a motorized vehicle __________________.
What should you do if you go into a curve too quickly?
What is this road marking? 
What does this sign mean? 
What does the yellow marking on the road mean?
This meter shows the fuel in the tank is already below the warning line
When police officers are directing traffic, which of the following is most correct?
When a motorized vehicle crosses a narrow road or a narrow bridge, the maximum speed should not exceed how much?
When approaching an intersection with a stop sign, but no stop line, sidewalk or crosswalk, you should:
When starting up a vehicle stopping at the roadside, what should the driver do first? 
Driving and smoking has no harm on safe driving
What does this sign mean?
In which of the following situations does a change in a small passenger vehicle registration not need to be registered?
For which of the following violations is the driver punished by a 12 point penalty? 
When driving at night, the drivers observation ability is visibly poorer and his visibility range becomes shorter than driving in the daytime
When running through a road section or intersection where lanes are reduced, the motorized vehicle should ___________________.
What does this sign mean?
Vehicles must be completely stopped before opening the car door and letting passengers on and off. 
If a motorized vehicle driver who drives after drinking alcohol the punishment is 12 penalty points. 
What is the purpose of directional signs? 
When a motorized vehicle overtakes, immediately after it should turn on the right-turn signal and return to the original lane
What does this sign mean? 
If a driver drives a motorized vehicle on the road, which has reached the write-off standard, the driver is subject to the stipulated fine and what else?
When driving at a level crossing, bridge, steep slope, tunnel or going through a dangerous road section, U turn is prohibited. 
How are vehicles allowed to proceed at this intersection? 
When driving in a snowy day, the driver should drive along the vehicle tracks if there are any.
When encountering such a situation on the road you can overtake from both sides. 
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean
What does this sign mean? 
This motor vehicle parked at the roadside is not an illegal act. 
When driving a motorized vehicle if a traffic accident causes property damage and afterwards the parties have no dispute over the fact if they move the vehicles they must take a photograph or otherwise mark the position. 
What markings are the filled triangle area circled in the picture?
What is the main reason for the two cars rear-end collision? 
China Driving Theory Test - 50 Questions
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