China Driving Theory Test - 50 Questions

What is the main reason for the two cars rear-end collision? 
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean? 
When the traffic conditions at an intersection are complicated, the driver should be patiently waiting instead of taking chance
After a tire blows out and before the driver can control the speed of the vehicle, he should refrain from using the foot brake to stop the vehicle. Otherwise, a horizontal swing of the vehicle can cause greater danger
If the penalty points of a motorized vehicle driver fail to reach 12 points in one scoring cycle but the fines have not been paid up, the points will move to the next scoring cycle
How long is the cycle for recording the accumulated penalty points for violating road traffic safety regulations? 
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean?
When a motorized vehicle running at night breaks down on the road and is difficult to move the vehicle must turn on the hazard lights, the contour light and the tail light
On this section of road frequency of honking must be reduced. 
When the vehicle dashboard light in the picture is always on it means that the air bags are in working condition.
A vehicle is prohibited from overtaking in which of the following sections? 
When encountering a vehicle in the opposite direction forcing its way by using his lane, what should the driver do? 
How to proceed through this intersection? 
What does this meter mean?
If a driver of a motor does not yield to a school bus in accordance with the stipulations the punishment is 6 penalty points
If a motorized vehicle driver drives a motorized vehicle when his driving license is temporarily detained, the traffic control department of the public security organ should impose a fine according to the stipulations and may also ___________.
What does this sign mean?
Driving a motorized vehicle on the road in violation of the Law on Road Traffic Safety is classified as what type of behaviour? 
After the green light at an intersection is on, the vehicles may not yield if non-motorized vehicles cut in.
If a motorized vehicle driving license is obtained by deception, bribery or other illegal means, the license is revoked and the driver is not allowed to re-apply for how long? 
When a motorized vehicle breaks down on the expressway what is the wrong measure? 
What does this sign mean? 
When the driver senses a tire blowout on the road, he should control the direction of the vehicle and use emergency braking to bring the vehicle swiftly to a stop. 
When driving a vehicle through an inundated road with pedestrians on both sides, what should the driver do?
When driving in a rainy day, what should the driver do when a pedestrian holding umbrella or in raincoat is walking on the highway?
When a vehicle has to stop on an expressway due to a vehicle trouble, the driver should place a breakdown warning sign at least how many meters behind the vehicle? 
How should lights be used going through an intersection in these conditions? 
What does this sign mean? 
What does this sign mean?
What does this sign mean? 
Traffic signs and traffic markings are not traffic signals
What does this sign mean?
When a motorized vehicle runs on the expressway in weather conditions with a visibility range of less than 200 meters, what is the maximum speed? 
When a driver drives a motorized vehicle during the period of probation, the driver should paste or hang which sign on the rear part of the vehicle? 
What does this sign mean?
In this situation you can speed up and pass the crosswalk. 
How are vehicles allowed to proceed at this intersection? 
When driving at night, the drivers observation ability is visibly poorer and his visibility range becomes shorter than driving in the daytime
If the driver finds there is no vehicle following, he can change lanes without turning on the turn signal. 
Traffic signals include traffic lights, traffic signs, traffic markings and traffic police commands
What is the meaning of the broken diamond line markings on the road? 
Vehicles must be completely stopped before opening the car door and letting passengers on and off. 
On a road covered by ice and snow a vehicle equipped with ABS system maximizes the shortness of the braking distance. 
What is this traffic police hand signal? 
When driving in a snowy day, the driver should drive along the vehicle tracks if there are any.
What does this sign mean?
When passing a section of a mountain road which is prone to landside and mudflow, the driver should avoid stopping. 
When changing lanes on an expressway, the driver should turn on the turn signal in advance, observe the traffic conditions, and enter the new lane after making sure it is safe to do so
China Driving Theory Test - 50 Questions
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