CFA 1 - 50 Questions

A high-tech industry only has 3 large firms operating in it. This is most likely a:
An investor purchases a 2-year zero-coupon bond with par value of $1,000 at $960. The implied interest earned on the bond is closest to:
Which of the following best describes the reason for choosing the NPV rule over the IRR rule when dealing with mutually exclusive projects?
Compared to investors with long investment time horizons, investors with short investment time horizons most likely require:
Which of the following is impacted by inflation in the case of capital-indexed bonds?
Gloria Inc. ships 5 machines to a customer at $5,550 per machine. The total cost for Gloria Inc. is $26,250 and payment is due in 60 days. No cash changes hands at delivery. The accounting treatment related to this transaction at the time of shipment most likely includes:
A firm values its assets using fair values. Its asset base comprises of the following asset categories: Category 1: Fee-paying discretionary portfolios Category 2: Non-fee paying discretionary portfolios Category 3: Fee-paying non-discretionary portfolios Category 4: Non-fee paying non-discretionary portfolios Based on the requirements of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), for periods beginning on or after January 1, 2011, the firm's total assets are the aggregate of:
A publishing firm contributed $250,000 to support some philanthropic projects. The firm immediately expensed that amount in its income statement for the current fiscal year. According to applicable tax legislation such contributions are not tax-deductible.
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world's largest stock exchange. Companies whose shares are listed on the NYSE have a combined market capitalization of over $10 trillion. This exchange, where investors go to buy and sell stocks, is best classified as a:
When choosing one of two mutually exclusive projects, which is the preferred method?
A company has just issued $5 million of mandatory redeemable preferred shares with a par value of $100 per share and a 7 percent dividend. The issue matures in 5 years. Which of the following statements is least likely correct? The company’s:
Which of the following statements is most likely correct regarding the audit of financial statements?
Todd Whitley, CFA, has purchased shares in an oversubscribed initial public offering using a block trade. The number of shares Whitley acquired is insufficient to fill all of his clients' buy orders. In order to adhere to the Standards, Whitley should most likely allocate these shares on a(n):
Sammy Sneadle, CFA, is the founder and portfolio manager of the Everglades Fund. In its first year the fund generated a return of 30 percent. Building on the fund’s performance, Sneadle created new marketing materials that showed the fund’s gross 1- year return as well as the 3 and 5-year returns which he calculated by using back-tested performance information. As the marketing material is used only for presentations to institutional clients, Sneadle does not mention the inclusion of back-tested data. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, how did Sneadle violate CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct?
Which of the following are not part of other comprehensive income? I. Exchange differences on translating foreign operations II. Issuance of equity shares III. Actuarial gains/losses IV. Loss from sale of machinery
When marginal products (MP) are maximized, marginal costs (MC) are:
The value, at 6% interest, of a bond paying 8% annual coupon payments, redeemable at par in 5 years, with a $25,000 face amount is closest to:
Which of the following statements is most accurate? Unlike depreciation, amortization is only used to reduce the carrying amount of: intangible assets.
Which of the following would most accurately be considered a primary source of liquidity?
Samuel Lopez wants to calculate the GDP or a specific country without taking into account the effect of inflation on prices. Which of the following is the most appropriate GDP measure Lopez should use?
Determine the conversion value of a convertible bond if the conversion ratio is 7:3 and the market price of the bond is $30.
In repurchase agreements, repo margin provides a margin of safety to the:
Which of the following statements are accurate regarding corporate governance? I. A board should have a committee of independent members who set executive compensation. II. A board should have the authority to hire third-party consultants. III. Elections should be staggered to let the board members execute long-term plans.
How does the oil the industry most likely maintain a premium pricing strategy?
As the degrees of freedom increases and the t-statistic approaches towards the z-statistic, the tails of the distribution most likely become:
Clayton Hamner, CFA, an independent equity analyst, produces research reports and recommendations for his 25 high net worth clients, all of whom have been informed of the different levels of services available to them. Recently, Hamner distributed his latest report on Acton Pharmaceuticals (APH) in an email that was sent simultaneously to the 18 clients who either currently hold APH shares or for whom this investment is suitable. After sending that email, Hamner followed up with seven of those clients, all of whom pay for premium service, to discuss his report in greater detail. Of those calls, Hamner's first is to his sister, whose account generates a significant share of his income. Has Hamner most likely violated the Standards?
Mark Johnson is an analyst for Big Riches Investment Firm. He replaced Todd Phillips, who was an analyst with Big Riches, but resigned to move overseas. Phillips passed on all of his prior analytical reports and backup data for Johnson to use in his new role. In preparation for an annual valuation of the foodservice equipment industry, Johnson pulled up a valuation model developed by Phillips and changed it to include economic indicators published by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Once these revisions were made, Johnson back-tested the results using the S&P 500. Which of the following is most accurate?
Which of the following statements least likely represents the correct treatment of impairment loss?
Under which of the following situations would a nonparametric test be more appropriate than a parametric test?
Alonzo Myers manages accounts at GRTY Securities. Jerry Reed, one of his clients, e-mailed Myers to buy 300 shares in the IPO of JJKS Corp’s stock. Few days later, despite being a hot issue, Myers succeeded prorating 500 shares of JJKS Corp. for his clients. After purchasing 500 shares for his clients and 300 shares for Reed as per request, he purchased remaining 200 shares for his wife. Myers:
For venture capital investing, later stage financing is the capital provided for a company:
Which of the following statements is most likely correct regarding verification?
lf a firm is unwilling to permit dissemination of adverse opinions about a corporate client, members or candidates should least likely:
If you were offered to invest your money at interest rate of 4% and can choose how it is compounded, which compounding frequency would yield the highest effective return?
After 5-years of service with Jacob Securities as a financial planner, Shane Alvarado planned to start his own practice in his hometown. He informed his employer through email three days before starting his independent practice. The employer was on a business trip for a week and on his return he accepted his resignation. Alvarado always maintained his personal records related to training programs that he conducted at Jacob Securities, and he used that material in his new project. Alvarado:
EBB Inc. entered into a three-year contract to construct a building with an estimated total cost of $32 million. Due to limitations, project costs are uncertain and the output of the project cannot be measured reliably. If at the end of year 1EBB spent $26 million, under U.S.GAAP EBB would most likely recognize:
At initiation, the values of a swap contract and a forward contract are most likely to be:
Lauren Sims, marketing director of Karma Advisors, planned a brief performance presentation in five different U.S states where majority of the firm’s clients are located, in celebration of Karma’s five years of success. In his presentation, Sims clearly includes references to the information presented and also prepared a detailed information report to support his brief presentation. At the conclusion, Sims provided the report only to the clients who requested it. By failing to provide the report to all the clients who attended the session, Sims:
The distinction between items listed as current assets on a balance sheet and those listed as non-current assets is most likely based on differences in:
Which of the following is considered to be best practice from shareowners’ perspective?
Which of the following statement is least accurate regarding Standard V(C) - Record Retention?
Generating higher returns from security selection most likely depends upon:
An investor wanting to purchase 100 shares of a publicly traded stock would most likely seek out:
Under which of the following situations would an increased return on equity (ROE) more likely be perceived negatively by shareholders?
Roberto Vargas, CFA, is in charge of the compliance program at his investment firm. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, as a supervisor, Vargas is least likely required to:
According to the Statement on Auditing Standards No. 99, Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit, a risk factor related to opportunity exists when:
Which of the following statements is most likely correct regarding Global Investment Performance Standards' compliance requirements?
The optimal capital budget occurs at the intersection of:
When a reliable current market price for a firm’s debt is not available, the cost of debt can be estimated using the:
The production process of a calculator could look something like the following: Cost of factory buying raw materials: $2.00 Cost of retailer buying from factory: $5.00 Cost of customer buying from retailer: $9.00
CFA 1 - 50 Questions
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