CFA 1 - 10 Questions

Which of the following is least likely a macroeconomic influence that affects an industry’s growth? Changes in:
GIPS standards least likely resolve misleading practices related to:
Which of the following is the highest ranked unsecured debt?
The four broad categories of hedge fund strategies identified by HFRI are:
The Sharpe Ratio measures'
A company recorded a depreciation expense of $5,000,000 for tax purposes and $3,500,000 for accounting purposes. Which of the following is the correct accounting treatment if the tax rate is 30%?
An analyst makes the following comment regarding derivative contracts: “All derivative contracts must have an underlying, two parties – a buyer and a seller, and low degrees of leverage” The comment is most likely to be:
Survivorship and backfill biases most likely cause hedge fund indices to be:
Which of the following is most likely a correct implication of stock dividends to the shareholders?
A stock index representing U.S. manufacturing would most accurately be described as a:
CFA 1 - 10 Questions
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