CFA 1 - 10 Questions

A publishing firm contributed $250,000 to support some philanthropic projects. The firm immediately expensed that amount in its income statement for the current fiscal year. According to applicable tax legislation such contributions are not tax-deductible.
Which of the following is most likely common among the assumptions of the Ricardian model and Heckscher-Ohlin model?
A portfolio manager is evaluating investments in mortgage securities as part of a portfolio to fund long term liabilities. If she wants to minimize prepayment risk in her portfolio she is most likely to invest in:
Survivorship and backfill biases most likely cause hedge fund indices to be:
You are presented with 2 investment opportunities and must choose the one with the greater present value: A lump-sum of $2 million or an annuity with 25 payments of $250,000 a year with the first payment starting today. The interest rate is 9% per year compounded annually. Which one will you choose?
When an increase in interest rate leads to a decline in savings, it implies that:
Which of the following would most appropriately describe an investor's liquidity constraint?
When the price of the underlying is above the exercise price, a call option is:
Which of the following is least likely a characteristic of open-ended mutual funds?
To deal with short-run stabilization, as compared to monetary policy, fiscal policy is most likely:
CFA 1 - 10 Questions
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