CFA 1 - 10 Questions

What would be a recommended action for a firm that has disclosed material non-public information in an analyst meeting?
Which of the following statements is most likely correct regarding parametric and non-parametric tests?
According to European Central Bank (ECB), debt securities with a maturity of up to two years are part of which of the following aggregate categories of money?
The elements directly related to measurement of financial performance least likely include:
When an increase in interest rate leads to a decline in savings, it implies that:
Assuming the correlation between an asset and market is 0.67 and the asset and market have standard deviations of 0.34 and 0.19 respectively, the market beta would be closest to:
When marginal products (MP) are maximized, marginal costs (MC) are:
EBB Inc. entered into a three-year contract to construct a building with an estimated total cost of $32 million. Due to limitations, project costs are uncertain and the output of the project cannot be measured reliably. If at the end of year 1EBB spent $26 million, under U.S.GAAP EBB would most likely recognize:
A "war chest" typically describes a company having a large amount of:
Gilbert Love worked as financial analyst at Milton Securities. During his employment at Milton, Love covered Indigo Corp and developed detailed financial models, assumptions and supporting reports. When Milton switched his job, his new employer assigned him to analyze Indigo Corp. Milton developed a new model with improved assumptions and specifications and re-created the supporting records by gathering data from the covered company. Has Milton violated any CFA Institute Code and Standards?
CFA 1 - 10 Questions
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