CFA 1 - 10 Questions

Under IFRS cash receipt of interest cannot be classified as a (n):
A high yield bond issuer has offered the ‘change of control put’ to its bondholders. Under this covenant in the event of acquisition, the bondholder has a (n):
Survivorship and backfill biases most likely cause hedge fund indices to be:
The financial leverage ratio of a firm, whose total debt ratio is 54% and debt-to- equity is 1.15, is closest to:
A hypothetical futures contract has a current market price of $19 and initial margin requirement of $9. The maintenance margin requirement is $4. For 15 short contracts, the price at which a margin call will trigger is:
An investor uses simple stock screen criteria based on a P/E ratio of less than 5 and financial leverage ratio of less than 0.5. The investor will least likely exclude stocks of companies:
You are presented with 2 investment opportunities and must choose the one with the greater present value: A lump-sum of $2 million or an annuity with 25 payments of $250,000 a year with the first payment starting today. The interest rate is 9% per year compounded annually. Which one will you choose?
Which of the following schools of economists applies the utility theory and argues that the government should not counteract business cycles?
The production process of a calculator involves several steps. Suppose the pieces of the chain add the following value to the process: Raw materials supplier: $4 Factory: $3 Retailer: $2 The price that the retailer buys the calculator from the factory will be closest to:
Which of the following characteristics is unique to the fee structure of private equity funds? 2
CFA 1 - 10 Questions
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