CFA 1 - 25 Questions

You are the favorite to win a tennis tournament. In fact, oddsmakers give you a 90% chance to win each match, regardless of who you are playing. Each match is considered an independent event. The probability of you winning all 10 matches to claim the trophy is closest to:
A high yield bond issuer has offered the ‘change of control put’ to its bondholders. Under this covenant in the event of acquisition, the bondholder has a (n):
Bill Hardwick, CFA, is a bond specialist and a fixed-income portfolio manager for a large pension fund. Hardwick is considering inclusion of highly structured mortgage securities in the pension fund. However, his team has analyzed these products and has come to the conclusion that it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad investment options due to the complexity and layers of the securities. Rather than sort it all out, Hardwick opts to just simply avoid this sector entirely and invest instead in simpler securities that can be more easily analyzed and understood. Has Hardwick most likely violated the Standards?
An analyst makes the following comment regarding derivative contracts: “All derivative contracts must have an underlying, two parties – a buyer and a seller, and low degrees of leverage” The comment is most likely to be:
Of the following, which response best describes for whom an investment policy statement (IPS) should be developed?
Asset based valuation models work well for companies that do not have a high proportion of:
Leading economic indicators (LEI) are variables that:
The joint probability of events A and B is 32 percent with the probability of event A being 60 percent and the probability of event B being 50 percent. Based on this information, the conditional probability of event A given event B has occurred is closest to:
Jack purchased a bond which pays 5% per year in the first four years, 6% per year during the next five years, and 7% per year during the six years after that. What type of bond has Jack just purchased?
Mark Johnson is an analyst for Big Riches Investment Firm. He replaced Todd Phillips, who was an analyst with Big Riches, but resigned to move overseas. Phillips passed on all of his prior analytical reports and backup data for Johnson to use in his new role. In preparation for an annual valuation of the foodservice equipment industry, Johnson pulled up a valuation model developed by Phillips and changed it to include economic indicators published by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Once these revisions were made, Johnson back-tested the results using the S&P 500. Which of the following is most accurate?
Gloria Inc. ships 5 machines to a customer at $5,550 per machine. The total cost for Gloria Inc. is $26,250 and payment is due in 60 days. No cash changes hands at delivery. The accounting treatment related to this transaction at the time of shipment most likely includes:
According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, which of the following statements is most likely correct regarding priority of transactions?
On 1 January 2014, Neway Construction entered into a contract to lay pipes for a factory. The project will take an estimated two years to complete. As stated in the contract, total revenue for the project is an estimated $2,500,000. Total cost is expected to be 70% of revenue. Neway incurred $800,000 of costs in 2014. Assuming Neway estimates percentage complete based on costs incurred as a percentage of total estimated costs. Under the percentage-of-completion method, the revenue that will be reported in 2014 is closest to:
Which of the following properties of correlation and covariance is most likely correct?
Regarding business segments, companies are not required to provide:
Lauren Sims, marketing director of Karma Advisors, planned a brief performance presentation in five different U.S states where majority of the firm’s clients are located, in celebration of Karma’s five years of success. In his presentation, Sims clearly includes references to the information presented and also prepared a detailed information report to support his brief presentation. At the conclusion, Sims provided the report only to the clients who requested it. By failing to provide the report to all the clients who attended the session, Sims:
Anita Vizquel, CFA, is a sole practitioner providing investment advisory services. Based on extensive and ongoing research, Vizquel believes that Viatex Brokerage provides the best execution at a competitive price and she uses the firm for the majority of her clients' trades. In recognition of her loyalty, Viatex provides Vizquel with soft dollar commissions in the form of research reports that Vizquel finds very relevant for some, but not all, of her clients. Has Vizquel violated the CFA Standards?
Which of the following situations least likely constitutes a violation of CFA Institute Code and Standards?
Under which of the following accounting standards would a deferred tax be recognised on temporary differences arising from undistributed profits of associates (investments) when the investor controls the sharing of profit?
To deal with short-run stabilization, as compared to monetary policy, fiscal policy is most likely:
The optimal capital budget occurs at the intersection of:
An investor purchases a 2-year zero-coupon bond with par value of $1,000 at $960. The implied interest earned on the bond is closest to:
You are given: Price of corn today: $7.00 per bushel 1-year corn future: $8.00 per bushel Which of the following terms most accurately describes this environment?
Michael recently purchased a new sedan. He then acquired insurance to protect against loss due to accident, nature, failure, or theft. Because the vehicle was insured, Michael didn't bother locking the doors, and the car was soon stolen. This is an example of what insurance problem?
Which of the following two measures are based on the total risk and provide similar rankings?
CFA 1 - 25 Questions
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