CFA 1 - 25 Questions

Which of the following statements is/are accurate regarding the common-size analysis of financial statements? I. A vertical common-size balance sheet presents all the line items as a percentage of total assets. II. A vertical common-size income statement presents all the line items as a percentage of net income. III. A horizontal common-size income statement calculates all line items as a percentage of the base year's income statement.
An auction in which each bidder submits a price or bid to the auctioneer simultaneously and independently is categorized as:
Demand is most accurately described as:
The auditors were not provided with the supporting documents for the majority of the transactions (including material transactions) selected for the audit. Which type of audit opinion should most likely be issued in such case?
Anita Vizquel, CFA, is a sole practitioner providing investment advisory services. Based on extensive and ongoing research, Vizquel believes that Viatex Brokerage provides the best execution at a competitive price and she uses the firm for the majority of her clients' trades. In recognition of her loyalty, Viatex provides Vizquel with soft dollar commissions in the form of research reports that Vizquel finds very relevant for some, but not all, of her clients. Has Vizquel violated the CFA Standards?
As compared to firms with high degree of financial leverage, firms with high degree of operating leverage:
According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, which of the following statements is most likely correct regarding priority of transactions?
Which of the following statements is most accurate? Unlike depreciation, amortization is only used to reduce the carrying amount of: intangible assets.
Which of the following transactions do not offset each other?
The financial leverage ratio of a firm, whose total debt ratio is 54% and debt-to- equity is 1.15, is closest to:
Russell Bellamy, CFA, a manager with a regional bank, sends out a regular newsletter to clients on a monthly basis. Independent of his position, Bellamy has been appointed to the Board of a local nonprofit organization that provides grants to local artists. In his latest newsletter to clients, Bellamy mentions his appointment as well as the fact that the organization recently announced the start of a fundraising campaign. Has Bellamy most likely violated the Standards?
A firm values its assets using fair values. Its asset base comprises of the following asset categories: Category 1: Fee-paying discretionary portfolios Category 2: Non-fee paying discretionary portfolios Category 3: Fee-paying non-discretionary portfolios Category 4: Non-fee paying non-discretionary portfolios Based on the requirements of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), for periods beginning on or after January 1, 2011, the firm's total assets are the aggregate of:
Michael recently purchased a new sedan. He then acquired insurance to protect against loss due to accident, nature, failure, or theft. Because the vehicle was insured, Michael didn't bother locking the doors, and the car was soon stolen. This is an example of what insurance problem?
Gary Cohn, CFA, a broker at Slater Investments, works primarily with high net worth individuals. One of his clients, Claire Stafford, has adopted a very successful investment strategy and made a number of successful trades over the past year. Having observed this pattern, Cohn replicates Stafford's trades in his personal account after carrying out the instructions in his client's orders. Has Cohn most likely violated the Standards?
Howard Walton, CFA, is a member of a team working on a heating oil price forecast. There are some specific portions of the forecast with which Walton does not agree, but he is generally confident of the group’s decision-making processes. Which of the following statements is most accurate? Walton:
For venture capital investing, later stage financing is the capital provided for a company:
Which of the following is considered to be best practice from shareowners’ perspective?
Leading economic indicators (LEI) are variables that:
Which of the following is impacted by inflation in the case of capital-indexed bonds?
Which of the following is least likely a characteristic of open-ended mutual funds?
The intercept of security characteristic line (SCL) is:
Roberto Vargas, CFA, is in charge of the compliance program at his investment firm. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, as a supervisor, Vargas is least likely required to:
You are the favorite to win a tennis tournament. In fact, oddsmakers give you a 90% chance to win each match, regardless of who you are playing. Each match is considered an independent event. The probability of you winning all 10 matches to claim the trophy is closest to:
A company has just issued $5 million of mandatory redeemable preferred shares with a par value of $100 per share and a 7 percent dividend. The issue matures in 5 years. Which of the following statements is least likely correct? The company’s:
The production process of a calculator involves several steps. Suppose the pieces of the chain add the following value to the process: Raw materials supplier: $4 Factory: $3 Retailer: $2 The price that the retailer buys the calculator from the factory will be closest to:
CFA 1 - 25 Questions
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