15 Questions

On which environment is PRINCE2 based?
Which process aims to ensure that during the project all parties understand the project objectives?
Which is an objective of the 'managing a stage boundary' process?
What is established within the Initiating a Project process?
Which is a purpose of the quality theme?
What should be funded from a change budget?
In which situation might the 'controlling a stage' process be used?
What does the 'initiating a project' process provide?
Which type of issue should be raised if a new product is required after a team has started work?
Which statement describes a threat to a project?
Which is a purpose of a risk budget?
Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence. Quality planning defines each product and its associated [ ? ] for Project Board agreement.
When is it confirmed whether a project's objectives have been achieved?
Who does the senior user represent when making decisions?
When should the team manager produce a checkpoint report?
15 Questions
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