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What must the project board do, as a minimum requirement for applying the change theme?
How many management stages should a PRINCE2 project consist of?
Which is a purpose of the 'closing a project' process?
Who sets the project tolerances?
Which process aims to ensure that during the project all parties understand the project objectives?
Which describes the 'implement' step within the recommended risk management procedure?
Which is a minimum requirement for applying the organization theme?
When is it confirmed whether a project's objectives have been achieved?
Which characteristic distinguishes a project from regular business operations?
After the first stage, when are the Stage Plans for further stages produced?
Which two statements are CORRECT about the minimum requirements for applying the change theme? 1. Identified issues must be assessed for their impact on the business justification for the project. 2. Project issues must be captured, examined and managed throughout the project lifecycle. 3. The actual status of products must be verified to ensure that this matches the authorized state. 4. A budget must be established to pay for requests for change and their analysis.
What must be produced, as a minimum requirement for applying the plans theme?
Which statement about the 'continued business justification' principle is CORRECT?
Which project management team role can authorize the premature closure of a project?
Which is one of the six aspects of project performance that needs to be managed?
Identify the missing word in the following sentence. A purpose of the [ ? ] theme is to control any unacceptable deviations from the project's objectives.
If a work package is forecast to exceed its tolerances, how should a team manager inform the project manager?
Which is a responsibility of the change authority?
Where should a Project Manager record informal issues?
Which activity can take place within the 'managing a stage boundary' process?
How is the Project Initiation Documentation used during the Closing a Project process?
Which is a purpose of the Communication Management Strategy?
How should a Team Manager escalate a suggestion for an improvement to a product?
What is an advantage of applying the 'learn from experience' principle?
In which situation might the Controlling a Stage process be used?
In which situation might the 'controlling a stage' process be used?
Which statements apply to a stage plan? 1. It is produced for the project during the 'initiating a project' process 2. It is produced close to the time when the planned events will take place 3. It provides the basis for day-to-day control by the project manager 4. It provides the basis for control by the project board
What should a risk budget be used to fund?
Which product provides the version number of all products in a particular stage?
Which is a task of product-based planning?
30 Questions
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