TOGAF - 10 Questions

Which of the following is a technique that can be used to discover and document business requirements in Phase A?
Which of the following is NOT a stated reason for using a tool for Enterprise Continuum?
Where does the Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model fit in terms of the Enterprise Continuum?
TOGAF classifies risk in response to their likely effect and frequency. Which of the following answers does not come from the suggested classification system in TOGAF?
What phase of the ADM does the cost/benefit analysis?
Which of the following statements is not correct in context of the Business Architecture?
Which of the following reasons best describes why the ADM numbering scheme for versioning output is an example and not mandatory?
Which of these are not the benefits of Architecture Governance?
Complete the sentence: In Phase C, when an existing application is to be replaced, the Data Architecture should______________
Which of the following lists the components within the Architecture Repository?
TOGAF - 10 Questions
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