TOGAF - 10 Questions

Which of the following statement is NOT a reason for suitability of TOGAF as a Framework for Enterprise Architecture?
Which one of the following is defined as describing the state of an architecture at an architecturally significant point in time during the progression from the Baseline to the Target Architecture?
Which one of the following does the Architecture Content Framework describe as a work product that is contractually specified, formally reviewed, and signed off by the stakeholders?
Question: Which of the following is not a part of the TOGAF document (official TOGAF documentation)?
TOGAF states that establishing and operating an Architecture Board is more than offset by the savings accrued from preventing one off solutions and unconstrained development. Which of the following answers does TOGAF not state as a reason for establishing an Architecture Board?
In which phase of the ADM is an initial assessment of Business Transformation Readiness performed?
Gap analysis is a key step in validating the architecture in Phase B: Business Architecture. Which one of the following statements is true?
Which one of the following best describes TOGAF
Which section of the TOGAF document describes the purpose of deliverables produced as outputs from the ADM cycle?
When applying a cycle of the ADM with the Architecture Vision to establish an Architecture Capability, which phase does TOGAF Part VII recommend defines the structure of the organization’s Architecture Repository?
TOGAF - 10 Questions
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