TOGAF - 20 Questions

Which of the following is defined as the risk categorization after the implementation of mitigating actions?
The TOGAF defined process for Risk Management consists of which activities?
The Implementation and Migration Plan deliverable has the following content, except:
Which of these is not the characteristic of a building block?
Which of the following is NOT an activity in Phase E?
Complete the sentence: All of the following are part of the approach to the Preliminary Phase, except ____________
The TOGAF Document categorisation Model consists of four categories. Which one is not a TOGAF Document category?
Which of the following is not a part of Architecture Repository?
Which section of the TOGAF document describes the processes, skills and roles to establish and operate an architecture function within an enterprise?
Which of the following statements is not correct in context of the Business Architecture?
Complete the sentence. According to the TOGAF standard, a good business scenario should be “SMART”. The letter “S” stands for ______________.
When applying a cycle of the ADM with the Architecture Vision to establish an Architecture Capability, which phase does TOGAF Part VII recommend defines the structure of the organization’s Architecture Repository?
Which of the following statements about TOGAF Building Blocks and their use in the ADM cycle is correct?
Which part of the TOGAF document provides a number of architecture development phases, together with narratives for each phase?
In Phase D, which of the following resources from the Architecture Repository should be considered in the development of the Technology Architecture?
Which of these is not the reason for wanting to tailor the ADM to the circumstances of an individual enterprise?
According to TOGAF, which one of the following is the practice by which the enterprise architecture and other architectures are managed and controlled at an enterprise level?
Which of the ADM phases includes the objective of establishing the organizational model for enterprise architecture?
Which of the following best describes how TOGAF defines an enterprise?
Which of the TOGAF ADM phases is considered to be the initial phase of an Architecture Development Cycle?
TOGAF - 20 Questions
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