TOGAF - 20 Questions

Which one of the following statements does not correctly describe architecture deliverables?
According to TOGAF, the recommended dimensions used to define the scope of an architecture include all the following, except:
Which answer is not an accurate statement about TOGAF Business Scenarios?
Which of the following statements is true about risk management in the ADM?
Which of the following could be considered for potential use in Phase C, Application Architecture?
The Architecture Governance Framework contain?
Which of the following statements is not correct in context of the Business Architecture?
Which of the following statements about Requirements Management phase is correct?
Which of the following is not described by a Business Scenario in TOGAF?
Which among the following statements about Boundary-less Information Flow is NOTcorrect?
According to TOGAF, which one of the following is described as a view of the Architecture Repository and provides methods for classifying architecture and solution artifacts as they evolve?
What Architecture Building Blocks does?
Which of the following relationship between view, viewpoint, stakeholder and architecture is correct?
‘All the features in the architecture specification are implemented in accordance with the specification, but some more features are implemented that are not in accordance with it.’ This text describes which level of architecture compliance?
Which of the following documents acts as the deliverable container for the Business, Data, Application, and Technology architectural artifacts?
Which of the following is a Core Metamodel Entity?
Which one of the following best describes a primary use of the Architecture Vision document?
Which of the following statement is NOT a reason for suitability of TOGAF as a Framework for Enterprise Architecture?
For which phases is the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment a key technique?
What TOGAF deliverable identifies changes that are needed to the current architecture requirements and specification, and also documents the implications of change?
TOGAF - 20 Questions
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